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CATALOG Vol. 2, No. 2 October 1, 1999

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Acrostics,§ (Diversity Press) 1990, 100 pages.

Devotionals and Programs based on Keywords: Prayer; Character; Creativity; America; Discipline, etc. Deals with all aspects of the religious community.
#5294 (ISBN 0-936715-29-4) Paperback* $7.95

The Alphabet of Spirituality,§ (DP) 1997, 209 pages.

Devotionals and Sermons based on each letter of the Alphabet.
#5456 (ISBN 0-936715-45-6) Paperback* $11.95

Changed Lives ,§ (DP) 1997, 64 pages.

Biblical personalities who lives were dramatically changed by thier response to the teachings of Christ.
#5499 (ISBN o-936715-49-9) Paperback* $6.95

Diary of A Square Peg,§ (DP) 1987, 98 pages.

The autobiography of a person who felt different. Includes poems, essays and humorous anecdotes.
It connects with all those kindred souls who feel the same.
#5324 (ISBN 0-936715-32-4) Trade Paper $7.95

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Life...
Bite Size Philosophy, (DP) 1992, 80 pages.

Brief philosophical essays with a humourous twist. Good fillers for newsletters and bulletins.
#5308 (ISBN 0-936715-30-8) Paperback* $6.95

Excuses I've Known and Loved,§ (DP), 1989, 83 pp .

Deals with the absurd excuses people make to avoid going to church.
#5294 (ISBN 0-936715-29-4) Paperback* $6.95

A Fresh Look At the Gospel,
Jesus' Message for Today, 1983, (Broadman Press), 143 pages.

Translates Christ's attitudes, words and deeds into a relevant Gospel for 20th & 21st century living.
#9551 (ISBN 0-805401955-1) Trade Paper $8.95

God Doesn't Grade On the Curve,§ (DP), 1989, 61pp.

A spiritual evaluation for youth and adults. it answers the question: "If I'm better than my neighbor will I be okay?" In short, "Does God grade on the curve?"
#5081 (ISBN 0-936715-08-1) Paperback* $5.95

The God Unknown ,
What God do You Worship?§ (DP) 1989, 195 pages.

Examines God Character, Principles and Purposes.
#5154 (ISBN 0-936715-15-4) Trade Paper $11.95

How To Be a Saint
When You Feel Like a Sinner, (BP) 1988, 128 pages.

How to face and overcome the negative emotions and circumstances of life: Depression, Fear, Discouragement, Apathy, Egotism, Intolerance, Envy, Hatred, Illness, Sorrow, Losses and Failure.
#9346 (ISBN 0-8045-5346) Trade Paper $8.95

How to Be Your Best,§ (DP) 1997, 315 pages.

Self-help and growth from: Marriage and Social Relationships to Parenting and Family issues.
#5448 (ISBN 0-936715-44-8) Paperback* $15.95

Important If True!§ (DP) 1997, 223 pages.

Examines the miracles and other events of the Bible symbolically.
#5464 (ISBN 0-936715-46-4) Paperback* $12.95

The Laws of Life
Applying the Ten Commandments In Today's World,
§ (DP) 1990 100 pages.

A practical, psychological interpretation of the Ten Commandments.
#5316 (ISBN 0-936715-31-6) Trade Paper $7.95

No Dead Ends!§ (DP), 1988, 112 pages.

How to deal with the many different types of temptation. There are no such things as "dead ends" when dealing with the problems of life, unless you just throw up your hands and quit! This book gives avenues of help.
#5235 (ISBN 0-936715-23-5) Paperback* $7.95

Oneness With God Where Do I Fit In? (DP) Bobby Self, 1989, 23 pages.

The unusual "mystical experience" of a young man being counseled by the Wesners. The writing of this booklet was part of his therapy. At the time of this writing he had no college at all. He has now completed his PH.D. in Christian Counseling.
#5375 (ISBN 0-936715-37-5) Paperback (stapled) $3.95

Opening a Can of Worms § (DP), 1989, 131 pages.

Deals with questions which need to be asked. They may "rock the boat" and "open a can of worms" that most people had rather leave alone. Nevertheless, it's time we quit "hiding our heads in the sand."
#5324 (ISBN 0-936715-32-4) Paperback* $8.95

The People In the Pew:

Sermons our people requested to hear again. Some of the best of the best.

Vol. 1 Problems and Temptations.§ 1990, 121 pages

#5116 (ISBN 0-936715-09-X) Paperback* $8.95

Vol. 2 God and Theology,§ 1992, 123 pages.

#5117 (ISBN 0-936715-38-3) Paperback* $8.95

Vol. 3 Sin and Salvation,§ 1992, 120 pages

#5118 (ISBN 0-936715-40-5) Paperback* $8.95

Vol. 4 Dedication and Spirituality,§ (DP), 1992, 122 pages.

#5119 (ISBN 0-936715-41-3) Paperback* $8.95

Vol. 5 Determination and Discipleship,§ (DP), 1991, 113 pages

381 (ISBN 0-936715-39-1) Paperback* $7.95

Vol. 6 Social Relationships and Service,§ (DP), 1992, 118 pages.

#5421 (ISBN 0-936715-42-1) Paperback* $7.95

#5001 6 Volume Set, $39.95

Playing God § (DP), 1997, 82 pages.

Why do the innocent suffer? Are we to "Play God" and try to be in charge of natural forces? Do we have a right to "trespass" on what some people consider "God's domain?" How else can we be "as He is" in this world? (See I John 4:17).
#5332 (ISBN 0-936715-33-2) Paperback* $6.95

Please Help Me, I Hurt A guide For Self-Therapy, (DP), 1990, 160 pages.

"Do-It-Yourself" therapy. Covers personal, relationship and family problems. An outgrowth of the authors' counseling activities both in religious and private practice.
#5340 (ISBN 0-936715-34-0) Paperback* $9.95

A Poem a Day Keeps Depression Away
(One Woman's Philosophy in Verse),

§ (DP), 1990, 100 pages.

Inspirational poems (humorous, philosophical and spiritual).
#5359 (ISBN 0-936715-35-9) Paperback* $7.95

Preacher I've Got a Question
Clarifying Confusing Doctrines,§ (DP) 1989, 134 pages.

Questions we've been asked, dealing with real life issues that trouble the people in the pew and the man on the street.
#5219 (ISBN 0-936715-21-9) Paperback* $8.95

The Psychology Of the Psalms § (DP) 1997, 63 pp.

What do you do when your world falls apart? Why not turn to the Psalms. They are unparalleled in dealing with life's problems and have been for thousands of years.
#5127 (ISBN 0-936715-49-9) Paperback* $5.95

The Spirit and Mind of Christ:
Are You Really a Christian?
§ (DP) 1989, 109 pages.

A realistic examination of the question: "What does it mean to be a Christian?" A series of sermons based on Romans 8:9, (kjv): "If any man have not the spirit of Christ, he is none of his."
#5128 (ISBN 0-936715-36-7). Paperback* $7.95

The Spiritual Quest § (DP) 1997, 71 pages.

Life is a pilgrimage. Everyone seems to be searching for something. Instead of retreating into the desert or a monastery to escape the problems of life, why not confront them in a positive spiritual way.
#5480 (ISBN 0-936715-48-0) Paperback* $6.95

Spiritual Vandalism, Sins Against the Holy Spirit,§ (DP), 1988, 73 pages.

Examines the psychological implications of sins against the Holy Spirit.
#5197 (ISBN 0-936715-19-7) Paperback* $6.95

Ebook of Spiritual Vandalism

Searchable Ebook of the hardcopy above. For download, Adobe Acrobat pdf format.
#5537 (ISBN 0-936715-53-7) Ebook $8.00

Stumbling to Zion, Today's Church in Today's World,§ (DP), 1989, 131 pages,

Written to disturb complacency, undo conditioning and loosen mind-set. Moves parables out of the 1st century and presents new spiritual models.
#5431 (ISBN 0-936715-24-3) Paperback* $8.95

Think or Else (Provocative Intellectual Essays)§ (DP), 1988, 92 pages.

Philosophical essays representing one person's viewpoint on relevant issues. Many were published in a local newspaper with very gratifying responses.
#5251 (ISBN 0-936715-25-1) Paperback* $7.95

Think or Else (Provocative Spiritual Essays)§ (DP), 198, 140 pages.

Devotionals (or essays) which wake people up. Deals with relevant issues. Most appeared in our church newsletter and received excellent responses.
#5286 (ISBN 0-936715-28-6) Paperback* $9.95

3-D Salvation Decisions, Discipline and Direction,§ (DP), 1989, 100 pages.

Redefines and broadens the doctrine of salvation from a liberal Christian perspective.
#5200 (ISBN 0-936715-20-0) Trade Paper $7.95

Through a Glass Darkly ,
The Bible: God's Progressive Revelation,

(DP) 1986, 134 pages.

Messages emphasizing the continuing nature of God's revelation. Bible studies usually give bits and pieces of Scripture, but laymen need to understand the context and see how things fit together. This book presents one sweeping chronological overview from Genesis to Revelation. It's succinct, rational approach will reach those who are turned off by "hocus-pocus" interpretations.
#5014 (ISBN 0-936715-01-4) Trade Paper $9.95

A Time To Celebrate, Holiday and Seasonal Messages,§ (DP), 1988, 75 pages.

So many holiday and seasonal massages are shallow and sentimental. That's unfortunate, because these special days often attract the greatest attendance and thus offer the greatest opportunity for outreach.
#103 (ISBN 0-936715-10-3) Paperback* $6.95

A Time To Live, Graduation and Youth Messages,§ (DP) 1988, 112 pages.

Messages for young people, at the beginning of their adult lives, should be interesting and relevant. Graduation and youth functions offer unique opportunities to inspire and motivate the citizens and leaders of tomorrow. This collection of speeches and sermons emphasize clarity and intellectual integrity.
#111 (ISBN 0-936715-11-1) Paperback* $7.95

A Time To Weep, Funeral and Grief Messages,§ (DP), 1998, 95 pages.

Messages for those who grieve should be memorable. Funerals offer unique opportunities to reach the unchurched and alienated. Every word should be chosen with care. Different emphasis are appropriate for different circumstances. This collection represents a range of services---some for dedicated Christian leaders and others for the unaffiliated.
#120 (ISBN 0-936715-12-X) Trade Paper $7.95

#5002 A Time To . . ., 3 Volume Set, $18.95

Truth Or Tradition? What Is the Gospel?§ (DP) 1986, 80 pages.

Interprets the Gospel message through psychologically valid principles that apply to 20th century life. Recognizes reality and eliminates the superstitions which have attached themselves to Christianity. For that huge segment of society which is alienated from orthodoxy, but not ready to settle for atheism or agnosticism. Minimizes superficial details and highlights universal themes.
#5030 (ISBN 0-936715-03-0) Trade Paper $6.95

The Ultimate Challenge § (DP) 1992, 124 pages.

"To be or not to be . . . that is the question!" In fact, that is the only question. Reaching a state of wholeness and maturity is the ultimate challenge.
#51430 (ISBN 0-936715-43-X) Paperback* $8.95

What's Your S.Q.? (DP) 1986, 83 pages.

Evaluates discipleship and personal development. Everyone tells us we should develop "Spirituality," but no one tells us what it is or how to do it! This book includes personal check sheets that allow you to test your own "Spirituality!" Good for groups and seminars as well as individuals.
#5049 (ISBN 0-936715-04-9) Trade Paper $6.95


When God Can't Answer (DP) 1986, 96 pages.

Deals with the age old problem of human suffering: "How can a good God allow evil?" This book gives concrete answers! It doesn't fall back on the lame excuse that, "We just weren't meant to know!" This reasonable, theological explanation of God's role in the universe is intellectually satisfying and emotionally reassuring. More importantly, it restores God's credibility!
#5260 (ISBN 0-936715-26-X) Trade Paper $7.95

You Are What You Choose, Establishing Moral Priorities, (BP) 1984, 144 pages.

Looks at seven areas that confront Christians: religious, personal, family, social, occupational, economic and civic. Outlines relevant, practical, decision making skills.
#9478 (ISBN 0-89549-5247-8) Trade Paper $9.95

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