Educational Products: - Phonics-In-A-Nutshell (A decoding-encoding approach to the teaching of reading and spelling). Often copied, never improved. This was first published in 1966 as an Audio-Visual program. Since then it has been revised and simplified through 30 years of classroom use. For beginning reading instruction and remedial reading in Public Schools, Home Schools and Adult Literacy groups. Deals with the problems, variously called: LD---Learning Disability, ADD Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and Dyslexia. Click here to view our complete list of Educational Products.

Religion-Psychology: - Practical, psychologically sound interpretation of theological and religious principles. For use by laymen and ministers in most mainline denominations. Click here to view our complete list of Religious Products.

Free Newsletter: - New Perspectives is a periodical, free to interested individuals. It contains philosophical-theological views on current issues. Click here to see this quarters edition of New Perspectives. Send your request to receive the New Perspectives via E-mail to

Sermons: - Sunday Sermons by Miles Wesner.

Rationale: - There are many non-fundamentalist, non-radical; non-fanatical; common sense people who want a reasonable, psychologically valid gospel. These "Spiritual Seekers" are not being reached by popular religious literature because most of it is either superstitiously religious or atheistically secular.

These writers have spent a lifetime in evangelical churches and educational institutions. As citizens of both worlds, They are uniquely qualified to minister to such seekers.

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